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Point Pleasant Beach Smoking Cessation Services

Trying to Quit Smoking?

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Let the smoking cessation experts in our Point Pleasant Beach clinic show you the safe, effective way to quit smoking. Our laser smoking cessation therapy is completely painless! Come see why so many Point Pleasant residents have successfully quit smoking with our smoking cessation services.

The Appointment:

The laser smoking cessation treatment requires that you are lying in a comfortable position within our relaxing massage therapy room. Painted with warm colors and complete with calm soundscapes in the background, you are sure to feel completely relaxed. During the treatment, a total of 33 areas on the ears, face, and hands will be touched upon and stimulated with a laser.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking Cessation

How does laser smoking cessation work?

When the laser touches specific points on the ears, face, hands and wrists it stimulates the calming effect nicotine has on the body. The treatment alleviates the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting smoking including irritability, anxiety, short-temper, inability to focus, depressed mood and sleeplessness. The effects of the laser are sustained throughout the physical withdrawal period of about four to six weeks.

How many smoking cessation treatments will I need?

Only one 30 minute session is necessary for you to have results. If unmanageable cravings do surface, you are encouraged to return for a “booster”, included in the price and available to you for 30 days following your initial smoking cessation treatment. A booster treatment will re-stimulate the release of the calming neurochemicals to keep you on track.

Does laser smoking cessation work for chewing tobacco?

Laser smoking cessation alleviates the discomfort of withdrawal from any form of nicotine. Individuals addicted to smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies including nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and lozenges are all candidates for laser therapy.

How much does laser smoking cessation cost?

The cost of the laser smoking cessation treatment is $250 and includes a “booster” treatment that is good for up to 30 days following your initial treatment.

What happens if I relapse?

If you experience a setback and relapse, another full treatment is necessary.

What if I don’t necessarily “want” to quit smoking?

Individuals who have expressed a sincere desire and commitment to quit smoking are extremely successful with laser therapy. It is best that you are “ready” to quit smoking before coming in for the treatment. If you do not express a desire to quit smoking we do not recommend making an investment in our program until you are truly ready.

Is laser therapy painful?

Laser smoking cessation therapy is completely painless with no known side effects. During the treatment you won’t feel a thing other than the gentle pressure of the laser probe against your skin.

Is the treatment covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, laser smoking cessation is considered alternative and is not covered by insurance.

Are the results guaranteed?

Due to the psychological nature of addiction we cannot guarantee your results.

What is the success rate?

Here at Sea Coast Family Chiropractic, we are proud to say we have a 75-80% success rate of individuals quitting their nicotine addiction.

Why should I choose Sea Coast Family Chiropractic for smoking cessation?

We provide the latest in laser technology along with a relaxed, therapeutic environment to our patients. With a higher than average success rate and an absolutely fantastic reputation, we know you will feel comfortable and confident with our highly qualified team here at Sea Coast Family Chiropractic. Let us help you quit smoking.

Ready to get started?

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