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About Us

Sea Coast Staff PhotoIn practice since 1996, Dr. Barbara and Dr. Frank have been helping people get healthy in Point Pleasant Beach and Wall and Bricktown for two decades. Our wellness family practice is focused on obtaining results for our patients. We educate patients on living healthier life styles by improving nutrition, exercise, and de stressing their lives. From athletes to elderly people, each patient is uniquely treated to reach their goals based on age and ability.

Making a Difference with Gonstead

At Sea Coast Family Chiropractic you’ll find a homelike and kid-friendly atmosphere.  We are able to achieve great results for our patients by utilizing the Gonstead system and chiropractic care. People often come to our chiropractic office as a last resort because they have tried all other avenues unsuccessfully. We enjoy nothing more than seeing patients lives change and improve as a result of Gonstead care. We love working with kids, children innately know that adjustments help improve their overall wellness. We have never had a child not love getting adjusted. MEET THE CHIROPRACTORS »

Helping Children Thrive

No parent should have to see their child struggle with pain or illness. When we met a young girl who had developmental challenges and had endured nine brain surgeries, her parents were looking for hope. She was experiencing seizures, and couldn’t walk among other issues. With regular chiropractic care, her seizures have stopped, and she now is able to walk and attend school. She no longer relies on seizure medication that had made her listless and disconnected. We want to show you how chiropractic can help you achieve wellness. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment with our Point Pleasant Beach Chiropractors.

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